If you feel confused or powerless about making a positive impact on the world, we can help.

We help compassionate but busy families make a positive impact in the world through child sponsorships that create paths out of poverty for children around the world.

At Joy Christian School, we have 136 sponsored children who are a testament to the power of a family like yours to change the world. We have 98 more children waiting for a family to make a difference in their lives.

Becoming a Sponsor is Easy

  1. Click Sponsor a Child Now.
  2. Ask God which child you should choose.
  3. Begin a 1 on 1 friendship with a child in Africa.

What Happens Next?

  1. Your sponsored child gets an excellent education.
  2. You create an opportunity for your child to escape extreme poverty.
  3. You will receive ongoing sponsor updates so that you know how to pray for and encourage your child.

Families living in extreme poverty have little opportunity to escape and are often stuck from generation to generation unless someone creates a path out for them.

Assert your power to change the world!

Introduce your family to a new friend in Rwanda.

Be confident that your donations are directly impacting a child today. You are creating an opportunity for a child to escape poverty.

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There are so many ways that your family can impact your community and the world, even with a busy schedule. Sign up to receive a new idea each month. As you try these ideas you will instill difference-making values in your children like compassion, advocacy, faith, hope, and love.